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President - Russ McCullough, Ph.D.
Vice President - David Keller, CPA
Project Manager/ Field Coordinator - Dennis Oppedal
Field Superindendent - Craig Gallt


Quebec Construction, LLC is a specialized team of individuals that are saavy to the details of development.  Our specialties extend beyond the scope of contruction.  We are owner/developers as well as contruction professionals.  From start to finish, we know what it takes get the doors open.  We have development and construction experience in commercial buildings such as hotels, warehouses, restaurants, bars and office space.  Our multi-family construction includes garden style apartments to high-rise, mixed-use buildings with structured parking.  We have brought subdivisions to life from farmland including new home construction.  We have developed projects with Federal and State historic tax credits, tax abatement, city grants and short-term loans.  We are owners and operating partners in property management, real estate sales and commercial leasing.  Whatever your development needs are, we have the knowledge and skills to evaluate and advise on the most cost effective approach to make your vision a reality.

We have a proven track record and have acquired talented, professional people to take the helm and lead us into our next ventures.  We teamed up with Dennis Oppedal in the spring of 2003 from the Pace Company.  Dennis, one of our owners, is now serving as our project manager and field coordinator and has over 30 years of experience in commercial construction.  During his ten years at Pace, he specialized in office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and warehouses in the Des Moines area.  We feel our clients benefit greatly from the close working relationship Dennis establishs from the first day you meet him.  He provides great insight to a $500,000 project while possesing the ability to efficiently manage the complex details of a $20m highrise.  Our field superintendent, Craig Gallt, has been with us from our inception.  Prior to joining Quebec, Craig was a Nuclear Service Manager and Director for the nuclear energy division of GE.  He has been working throughout the Midwest in the maintenance and construction fields since 1974.

At the executive level, Russ McCullough, Ph.D., owner, serves as the company President.  As a real estate broker for our sister company, Gateway Real Estate, Russ has extensive experience in development and property management, and also teaches economics at Iowa State University.  David Keller, CPA, owner, serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  He has an extensive background in public accounting as well as development and property management.

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